Friday // Mar 31
All Night Gaming Session Lock-In

Times: 10:00 pm - 3:00 am

Entry Fee: $12.50

Additional Info: You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks to the lock-in.  Minors MUST be picked up by an adult to leave.

Notice: MUST have 5 gamers to host the event.  Please contact us preferably by phone before you show up at 10:00 pm to make sure the Lock-In is being hosted.



About The Game Room

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Sturgis Game Room was created to provide the best experience with modern gaming at an affordable price and a safe environment.  Sturgis Game Room is a modern day arcade with wireless internet access for those who just wish to access the internet.  Our prices are the lowest around at $3.00 per hour, or just $10.00 for an all-day pass!


Additional Info 


We have the fastest internet in town provided by Spectrum, and have plenty of places to lounge if you are taking a break from the games.  We also have refreshments, candy, and receive free deliveries from Coney Island Pizza located in the same plaza.  Coney Island offers a Sturgis Game Room special one topping large for only $5.85

You can purchase hourly time at Sturgis Game Room for $3.00 per hour. Or you can purchase an all day pass for only $10.00!