Click the link and look at the right side of the page to keep up to date with all our up and coming events.  We host birthday parties, LAN (local area network) parties, and an all night gaming special called a "lock-in."  We also host numerous tournaments, and are open to hosting any popular title. Please contact us regarding any tournament ideas.

Birthday Parties
Fully Catered for $149.99

We're conveniently located on 1517 East Chicago Road at Maplecrest Plaza next to Sharper Image Hair Salon.  We open on Friday and Saturday at 3:00PM and close at 8:00PM (closing time will extend to 10:00PM when customer count exceeds 6 gamers).


Includes all paper products, four large one topping pizzas, cake, ice-cream, and three hours of game time! Call or text 269-625-1206

to book one today! 

We do a lock-in once a week on a Friday or Saturday night.  It runs from 10:00PM to 3:00PM  and is $12.50 per gamer.  We must have 5 gamers to host the lock-in and you can reserve your spot by clicking the link above and filling out the form.  Please post the amount of people you are bringing and the date you are trying to reserve in the message before you submit!